Unrequited feelings

Unrequited. .. it means to NOT have something returned. Like love.. well feelings in general but mostly used when referring to love… 

This isn’t a vocab lesson but sometimes meanings evade my mind when linguistics take second place to my emotional word vomit. 

I feel alot. And it’s never returned. 

I feel proud of others. But they don’t feel proud of me 

I feel sad about stuff. And people get mad that I’m sad. 

I feel in love with ideas. But those ideas will never come to fruition. 

I feel angry at not being understood. And others get angry WITH me for not understanding what I’m trying to convey. 

I feel lost in my ways. And others feel drawing a map of their path will help me find mine. 

I feel hopeless so i search for it at the never ending bottom of my addictions. And I’m guilted by those who don’t want to watch me drown in a bottle or burn up my lungs. 

I’m happy for a moment and forced to feel bad in my happiness because it made you unhappy.. 


I’m tired of unrequited emotions. I’m tired of not feeling what’s right 


Maybe it is right. Maybe it’s right for me and maybe it’s you who’s wrong. 

Time will tell. 

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