[198] ~*Sat – 02/17/18*~

[9:35 pm]

My hair is still good. Woohoo! I was getting really scared for the pink but it’s still alright. Although it’s not very pink, it’s more like a red-pink. I wish the pink we used to put could of worked out cause it was super pink. Oh well.. Can’t have all we want in life, so they say. Haha!

Beside my hair, I was super tired this morning. As always, I looked at the time an hour before I had to get up so I was done. I really need to work on not looking at the time but it seems to be so darn hard to do. Sometimes I want to put my phone on the other side of the bedroom so that way I wouldn’t get up just to look at the time.

Hub finally got his RAMS back this morning. He was so happy to finally be able to use his new PC. I just hope this is the last time he has to send them broken parts. 

Between clients I came back home for a nap of about an hour and a half. I wanted to try to stay up but I ended up going to bed. I told myself that if I wasn’t going for a nap I would prob fall asleep during the movie so I decided to nap. We went to see Black Panther which was good. I had brought myself some popcorn which took the whole darn space in my purse. I’m so very disappointed when it comes to going to the movies with this new purse. In general I’m happy with it, just not when it’s movie time. Oh well!

My garden doors are still bugging me, I need to contact the company. One side of one door sometimes has frost on it when it’s super cold. Now the rubber doesn’t touch the side of the door anymore where the frost was cause it’s stiffer. That said, there’s a bit of air coming from that part and I don’t think that’s normal cause it’s the only place where it’s doing that. Now it’s really, like really bugging me and of course it’s the weekend and Mon is a Holiday so I’ll only be able to contact the company on Tue. Arg! I hate waiting! I was trying my hardest not to bug them with it but I think it’s better if I do now then wait and have it get worse or what not. This is why I hate paying for things cause it’s never done the right way. Blah!

I was so bored that I called my friend and talked to her for nearly an hour. Now I feel I wasted some time. Lol! Since I was bored and she was too I sorta wanted to go to this Zombie Manor thing with her. They normally have this for Halloween but I guess they were making a Valentine’s special this weekend. I wanted to go with hub but since he works tonight, that didn’t work out. It would also be boring to go me and hub as we don’t get scared. We normally go to these things with friends that does so we can laugh at them. We’re so mean! So yea, my friend gets scared at movies so I figure she would get scared in one of these and I could laugh at her. I didn’t really want to go all the way there and have to wait who knows how long for a thing of like 15 mins. I told her that if I was to spend that money I could go to Jack’s instead and have a chance to make more money. Hehe! I decided to be good and just stay home.

I’ve just been feeling meh at night since hub’s been back to overnight, I hope I will get over it. I guess I’ll get back to watching Desperate Housewives and play on my farming game. I’ll try to head to bed not too too late so I have a decent amount of time to read and still get enough sleep as I work at the store tomorrow. I had told myself I was going to go to the clinic after work but hub seems to want to come with me as he wants to see a doc as well so I guess I may wait on Tue so we can both go.




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