2/17/18 — first gay bar experience!

I am so loving Krystal! Yeah, I’m not going to be calling her Koby anymore. I had forgotten, she prefers the she/her pronouns and wants to be called by a different name. Honestly, it’s going to take some time getting used to this. I’m full-on homosexual, have only really dated and had sex with guys. Since she was born as a guy, and doesn’t plan on transitioning, I don’t think I should worry much. But if anyone asks, it would be respectable to her to tell them she’s my girlfriend

We had gone to the Main Street Lounge, the only gay bar in our town. Thankfully it was an eighteen and up place. I had never even been to a bar before, so this was a first. But since I was with Krystal, I had nothing to worry about. This bar was actually a pretty decent place. The bar tender was reeeeeallly nice! There wasn’t even that many people that came. I don’t think that more than fifteen people were in there at one time. MSL is a little off the radar. The people who did come were all nice and sweet people. Except for this one woman who was a little too touchy. 

This whole group of girls, barely over twenty-one, came in and danced the whole time. Krystal and I danced a bit on the dance floor. And man, she is so adorable when she sings and dances. I could stare at that face for hours on end. The dancing part gave me anxiety though. I suck at it. I kept feeling ridiculous. But I eventually got into the rhythm and I had a good time. We played a few games of darts. Sucked at first, but I got the hang of it eventually.

Krystal and I kissed, hugged, and rubbed up on each other a lot the entire night. Being with Krystal feels so much better than being with anyone I’ve been with in the past year. Yeah, she’s a complete goofball, can be a bit annoying from time to time, but she sure is unique and amazingly sweet towards me. She let slip an “I love you” without meaning to. I did not mind one bit.

A little after midnight the two of us walked halfway back to my place. We made out before parting ways. Man, I love her! It feels so strange to refer to her as female…but I guess I’ll get used to it. If I accidentally use “he” or “him” or call her “Koby” at any point, it’s a complete slip, I’m not trying to be offensive or anything.

Tomorrow we should be going back. There’s gonna be a drag show!

Goodnight, journal.

1:37 AM

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