Broken hearted.

I just caught Ian red handed.  There are texts showing that Ian was meeting with that  bitch and having sex.  I don’t want to confront him.  I don’t want to lose him.  I guess that means in 2 or 3 weeks when we or he moves back to siegal I’m gone and she’s in.  God I am so stupid.   I should have never met him to start with.  I wouldn’t have found out how fantastic a man could treat me or in bed or out.  I guess I was right, I don’t deserve happiness.  And I screwed up my one chance at love with my ex husband.  He cheated too.  I’m going to be alone forever.  I wish the chance at happiness hadn’t been dangled in front of me and jerked away.  I can’t believe it can be so wonderful.  But I’ve lost it and I’ll never find it again.  I’m through trying.  I just can’t get hurt again.  I guess it’s just me and Murray from now on.

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