She is my favorite weirdo

Whew, I gotta tell ya………  I just seen the cutest thing ever!!!! It was sooooo adorable. I bet that you are dying to know what it was…lol.  Well, I’m about to tell you. I met my wife to drop the kids off and I couldn’t help but look over at her. I mean… who wouldn’t want a glimpse of that beauty. So ya, she was wearing her glasses. She was cuter than a basket full of baby hedgehogs. Her chubby cheeks are soooo easy on the eyes. I could stare at her for hours. Not even joking. Getting to see that amazing lady makes my whole weekend. Such a great day. I got to take my kids to a birthday party. They are such a blessing at well behaved and good example that they are. I get to see them again tomorrow!!!!  A great song just started playing “Fear is a liar”. So true. Fear is crippling.  I am casting out fear by the blood of Jesus. I claim that I WILL have my family back and grow old with my bride. People have asked….  why would you want someone who has taken great lengths to be distant from you??  I just know in my heart that if she is chasing God in worship and prayer that things will be revealed to her. The truth. Whether is be a suddenly or if it takes time. The thing is…..  I need a lot of forgiveness from her.  If there is anything that she later decides that she needs forgiveness for then I will be here ready and waiting to extend a heart felt forgiving attitude. I cannot judge her. All that I can do is pray for her and look upon her with Jesus goggles. We all fall short of the glory of God. We are ALL in need of forgiveness from or savior and also each other. Like I said before… if we have a common destination/goal in our hearts and it includes restoring our family then I will give a mile if she will give me an inch if that is what it takes. I dream about us all gathered around the dinner table joining hands in prayer again. But this time we will be healed and delivered from what bound us down. We will live free and unchained!!! I guess that it is time for bed. I have church in the morning. I can’t wait to be in the house of believers. I will surely dream of my beautiful bride.  Maybe she will be wearing those glasses in my dream!!  

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