[199] ~*Sun – 02/18/18*~

[10:05 pm]

What can I say?! Today was a Sunday. I worked at the store which was surprisingly quiet so we were able to clean. The day was so damn long thought. The time was going by way too slow, I thought the day would never end.

I’m still feeling blah, wanting to do something but not really. Tomorrow’s a Holiday so I’m not working. I could be sleeping in but I will try my hardest not to so I can take my friend to brunch for her Bday. I’d also like to clean the suggies cage tomorrow so Tue I’ll be able to just sleep in. 

Well, I felt like writing but once again, I don’t really have anything to say as nothing exciting happened today. Hub did fall when he was leaving for work. I hope he didn’t really hurt himself and that’s he’s alright. I’m almost tempted to call him at work to see how he’s feeling but I don’t really like calling his work place. I did send him a text but I will more than likely be asleep by the time he sees it.

I ended up not taking that nasal spray last night as it hasn’t been helping. I think it might of helped just a lil cause today I felt that mucus all damn day. I normally don’t feel it too badly during the day, just in the evening. Blah! I really need to see the doc in hope he will give me something better.

I’ve been watching Desperate Housewives and playing my farming game but I think it’s time for a break from that and time for a nice relaxing bath. My body surely could use one right about now.




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