2/18/18 — First Drag Show!

It was AMAZING! Krystal and I met up at the gay bar not too long after seven, and we stayed there until nearly two in the morning. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not even joking. I met so many interesting people at MSL. From gay guys to lesbians to bisexual couples and a whole bunch of transgenders. The only downside to last night was Krystal was having some pretty intense mood swings. For several minutes she couldn’t really talk or be all lovey-dovey because she wasn’t in the mood. I gave her space. Thankfully when the drag show started, her anger and sadness disappeared and we had a fucking bomb-ass time.

The drag queens were so talented. Dancing and lip-syncing to the music. It was all so perfect. A couple of them got up close and personal, fooled around with my hair and rubbed my cheek. Usually interactions like these would freak me out, but honestly it was hilarious and I enjoyed the attention. Me and Krystal especially got the attention because we look like damn twelve year olds. I had seen a lesbian I had gone to school with. That was pretty cool.

Krystal’s seriously thinking of becoming a drag queen over there. And I’m fully supportive! I’d love to see her preform! She talked to a few of the drag queens and the guy in charge and I think she’s gonna be able to do it.

On the way home, Krystal had gotten a bit of emotional, scared to lose me, scared that I’d leave him. I kinda got emotional too, scared she’d leave me as well. The two of us embraced, made out…it was an awesome feeling. I really like this one.

So, I’ve said before how Krystal is poly, as in he has a heart that can contain love for more than just one person. He’s been talking to two other girls. I know both of them from high school. One of them messaged me, asking about my new boyfriend after having put up a relationship status on Facebook (and not specifying who I’m with). She then asked me “Is it Koby?” My heart nearly dropped. He hasn’t exactly informed either girl about how he likes to date more than one person. I was so terrified of him being hurt and not wanting to be with me, but he told me he wasn’t angry, and that I should tell the girl the truth. 

Just waiting on a reply. I’m so terrified. I don’t wanna fuck things up for Krystal. I know he should tell her. And he will. He told me “I’m poly, I can handle this”, whatever that means.

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