A new journey…

So the true start of my journey started around 6 years ago with the demise of my 10 year marriage. I knew that I longed for more in a relationship and a connection that I never really felt I had. What I found out about myself is that I am a submissive… a tough one and a bratty one but a submissive none the less.

So I held my breath and jumped head first into the world of BDSM. It took a minuet to get my footing but once I did it opened up so many doors and parts of myself that I have never really known was there. I found a roll that I thought fit me… but as time went on I have come to find myself unsatisfied. Recently while at an event I heard a speaker that made me question my chosen roll, it no longer seems to fit. So today I took the first real step in furthering my education in the matter: I ordered some books. It may sound small to some but it is a commitment. A change. I am not a fan of change and frankly the idea of comment kinda scares me anymore.

Hopefully these books and the classes that will follow will help put some more pieces into the puzzle of who I am. 

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