Another Story

I had just today put the stamps on the story I am submitting to Guideposts magazine. Out of the blue, my husband said, “you’re supposed to write a story.”  I questioned him.  He said there was a small animal or animals in it, and that’s all he knew.”  I said, “Okay.”  Having no idea what it could be.  But when I went to bed I had restless legs syndrome so bad I had to get up and go to the computer to distract myself.  I just started writing and soon had a page and a half.  Another story in Guideposts style, entirely true and inspiring.  Now I am going to bed and hope to sleep. Thank you God for the sweet little story you gave me!

One thought on “Another Story”

  1. Aw wow, it’s good how sometimes something really cool can come out of something bad…maybe that’s what was supposed to have happened!

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