Day 715 to 721 – Fun times

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I know I know, haven’t posted an entry in a week. I just have been pretty tired and not that much into writing an entry as of late. I actually though of not writing entries anymore before this one and that this would be my final one, but I changed my mind. I was thinking why would be the reason if I were to stop, and I thought, “Because nothing interesting seems to happen and I have been writing my entries so vaguely and lazily.” Then I thought why I would write, “Well, if I was in the Harry Potter universe (I’m obsessed with HP lately) I would write all the time. I’d write about what I learned and a whole ton of other things. I would never want to forget any detail of my life in that universe.” So then I thought, “So because my life isn’t this fictional world, it’s not worth it? Why would I not want to look back on memories of this life? It may not be as adventurous or magical, but it’s still a life worth living. Besides, didn’t you want to write this for your kids or grandchildren, or the people after them? You always found knowing about your grandparents’ lives interesting, so why not give this to them?” In conclusion, I’m still gonna write, at least for a while longer.

Speaking about how I’m writing for a while, I’m almost gonna be two years on GNJ, which is pretty cool! Although I realized my days don’t add up, which I’m not surprised. It’s hard to write 721 days without slipping up and writing a typo here or there.

Nothing much has happened this week really. Although there was the Olympics at my school. 7th grade won, Personnel had second place and I think 10th had third. We had fourth, which isn’t too bad. Also, one of the teachers dabbed… It was weak too. But on the less “oh my gosh why did you do that” side, a friend for mine sang, and she was amazing!

On other news, you know the girl that I mentioned was disrespectful? I got her caught for cheating. Now I’m here confessing, but that’s when anonymity comes into play. Besides, if they were to find out who I am, it’d have graduated by then and she won’t be able to make my last year ressemble hell as much as possible for me. I want her to succeed, just as an honest and respectable woman.

Yesterday I went out shopping and bumped into Kohai, haha. It was funny too, cause my mom and I were on our way out and I pointed for us to go into a store, and I never do that. Then we bumped into Kohai there.

Today I went to see someone for their birthday. It was really nice seeing them, I had a lot of fun and good laughs.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 715 to 721 – Fun times”

  1. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep writing, but we’ll see! Maybe eventually I’ll just slowly start stopping, which seems to be soon, as I’ve forgotten nine days. I encourage you to keep writing!

    Thanks! Not a medal though 😛

  2. That’s understandable! I’ve also lost my motivation because of being busy. Hopefully we become less busy so we can write more 🙂

    True! They did a good job 🙂

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