Explanatory Reference 001 (Water-Based Autosymbolism)

        Afternoon of February 18, 2018. Sunday.


        Explain Water Induction

        Water Induction is my most common and natural form of entering the dream state (by which I sometimes hold my lucidity into the “stepping into” or summoning state and other times either willfully or spontaneously let go) and of which has occurred at least once during every sleeping period for over fifty years. This includes hypnagogic states from very light (still conscious) to the threshold of liminal space states (and losing continuity or coherence of the conscious self identity). Virtually countless commercial recordings of sounds of various types of water features, including waterfalls, streams, rivers, and the ocean, have been sold as relaxation and dreaming (including lucid dreaming) aids, though I have never needed to use them. Since childhood, I have typically started to see flashes of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls (in beautiful forests) upon becoming sleepy. Therefore, I can easily conclude that water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep and dream state induction, including nuances of muscle tension or relaxation. Additionally, I will hear the hypnagogic sound of flowing water upon becoming relaxed. If I am in sustained water induction, I will even hear what sounds like pebbles breaking the surface when an environmental noise occurs, even when the audio is slightly louder in an affirmation or musical sequence while wearing headphones. It is an intriguing effect of which has remained exactly the same all my life, from way back to when I was four and doing speaking and singing on an older brother’s reel-to-reel tape recorder. This “pebble breaking the surface of water” sound can be decoded as “external sound disrupting the specific level of sleep or internal focus”.

        Explain Water Reinduction

        Explain Water Vivification

        Water Reinduction can occur in a number of ways in both lucid and non-lucid dreams, including by another dream character, by subliminal will of the conscious self identity, by the dream self, or as an incidental factor. Being splashed by water always makes my dream much more vivid. The more water I feel upon my imaginary dream body, the more vivid and sustained my dream becomes, which additionally validates water as being autosymbolism for the dream state and sustaining it. This typifies it as a virtuous circle, whereby the water splashing also augments the tangibility of the water itself.

        Explain Water Lowering Waking Symbolism

        Explain WLWS

        Water Lowering Waking Symbolism is a form of autosymbolism for consciousness reascension. This means that, as a waterbody has shallower water over time within the dream state, it simply signifies becoming more conscious in the waking transition. This autosymbolism can be sustained longer than other forms, even throughout a longer dream. I first documented and studied Water Lowering Waking Symbolism at age four, while living at 901 Rose Street. There are several possible explanations for WLWS as well as a number of analogies. However, in my experience, I mostly view the circadian rhythms factor (in the third paragraph below) as the key explanation.

        Firstly, a person spends the first nine months of their life in the water of the womb (dreaming analogy) and, after the mother’s water breaks (water lowering analogy as the infant in the womb is no longer in fluid), they are are then born into the outside world (waking analogy).

        Secondly, it may be biological autosymbolism that signifies a need to resupply the body with water after waking. (Additionally, dreaming of a desert is typically biological autosymbolism for needing to drink more upon waking.)

        Thirdly, it may be related to a biological factor in relationship to the tidal systems of the world, though I have not seen enough evidence of literal correlation with tidal events. However, as with the moon and sun featuring in my dreams since early childhood, I have found a consistent correlation of autosymbolism for the specific level of unconsciousness I am in as also correlating with circadian rhythms. Thus, it may be “tidal” but related to the individual’s circadian rhythms and specific stage of sleep as some psychologists believe.

        Fourthly, there may also be an association with taking a relaxing bath. A person relaxes in the bathtub, and after getting out, the water drains. Thus, this could be a biological end marker for the dream state.

        Fifthly, biologically, it may also be autosymbolism influenced by the glymphatic system, of which apparently is a more recent discovery, where fluids in the brain increase upon falling asleep and then decrease after waking.

        “Water Induction” and “Water Lowering Waking Symbolism” are not inherently mutually inclusive.

        Explain Water Emergence Waking Symbolism

        Explain WEWS

        Water Emergence Waking Symbolism is a type of preconscious autosymbolism whereby a dream character (or other dream denizen such as a mammal, fish, alligator, and so on), typically a personification or other dynamic of RAS (though there may be additional dynamics), emerges from water at the final stages of the waking transition. For me, it is typically female, and has most often been Zsuzsanna (even with correct visual detail before we met in real life). This can occur with waterbodies such as the ocean, lakes, and rivers. WEWS may not be a positive experience, for example, it may be an alligator or skeletal figure, but this is more about the relationship the dreamer has with RAS and understanding the dynamics of the dream state. It also may relate to having slept for too long or a biological factor from a disruption of circadian rhythms. (Not enough sleep or too much sleep can cause negative autosymbolism in the dream state.) WEWS has often occurred with other autosymbolic waking events. The WEWS factor may even indicate the type of spontaneous muscular activity during the waking stage. Water emergence does not always imply the waking transition though.

        Explain Water Return Waking Symbolism

        Explain WRWS

        This is fairly rare (for me) and is of course the opposite of WEWS. This has only happened to me when I willfully pursued an unconscious personification (always female). I suspect it is at least a partial foundation of the mermaid myth.

        This dream journal entry is specifically for search engines and website search functions. As I am approaching 5,000 dream journal entries on some sites (yet which is nowhere near the number of dreams I have documented, studied, and validated the meaning of), I will be removing a lot of redundant dream journal content in the next few years in favor of clarity, conciseness, precision, and with minimal supplementation. Eventually, I will delete all other material of this nature, leaving only these “explain” references. However, I will include update entries (which I will delete later) of more concise changes I have made to original singular dream entries. Thank you for your support.

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