Explanatory Reference 002 (Personifications and MISC)

        Morning of February 18, 2018. Sunday.


        Explain Subconscious Self

        Explain Personified Subconscious

        The dream self is the subconscious, though I mostly only use the term “personified subconscious” (though I confess that I do not like the word “subconscious” in general as virtually everyone in the world uses it incorrectly at one point or another). It certainly is not the conscious self identity and it cannot be the unconscious essence, as the unconscious has viable memory of which the dream state rarely reflects (at least in non-lucidity, but often in some forms of lucidity as well). As the subconscious band is just a dynamic filter, with no temporal cohesion or thinking skills, it is senseless to attribute intelligence to it as many people do (though most people actually mean ECF and unconscious mediation when using such examples).

        Explain Vestibular System Personification

        Explain VSP

        Vestibular System Personification is a result of biological RAS modulation. This occurs due to vestibular system ambiguity, which is the perceptual conflict caused by perceiving the imaginary dream body as in a different position or orientation as the real physical body. This is what causes falling dreams, but on a positive note, flying dreams.

        I do not usually include the dream self as personification of any unconscious factor other than the subconscious itself. Examples of VSP might be, seeing someone falling, seeing someone flying, watching someone in an elevator or climbing stairs, an airplane pilot, someone flying a kite, and so on. Other RAS dynamics might be involved depending on the dream and what stage of the dream and level of unconsciousness are relevant.

        Explain Personified Unconscious

        Explain Unconscious Personification

        Unconscious Personification is likely only to occur in induction and sustained stages of a dream, where it is eventually modulated by RAS or ECF out of biological necessity, including a need to use the toilet or to more viably discern the source of an environmental noise (especially an unexpected sound in the immediate environment).

        Explain RAS

        RAS stands for Reticular Activating System. It is not feasible to write it out each time, so I usually only use RAS. It is a part of the brain (reticular formation) that mediates between the ephemeral fictional dream self incarnation and its illusory perception and the conscious self identity.

        Explain RAS Mediation

        RAS is partially the foundation of consciousness reascension autoymbolism, which is what the majority of non-lucid dreams are in the final stages. However, without ECF, there would likely be what is known as a coma.

        Explain RAS Modulation

        RAS Modulation occurs when the dream self is too “stubborn” or “absent” (likely by threads of the conscious self identity that choose to remain dormant longer) to move into consciousness reascension on its own.

        Explain Preconscious Personification

        Explain Personified Preconscious

        The Personified Preconscious is typically the final and most dominant character in a dream other than the dream self, though may be paired with the emergent consciousness. It may chase the dreamer. It may intrude into the dreamer’s home. It may, in contrast, hug the dreamer into the coalescence stage (consciousness reascension). Conflict with the preconscious or RAS modulation is often unrelated to current waking life conflict other than incidentally. It is important to understand however, that conflict in a dream can be prescient either by transpersonal factors (natural or subliminal instinct) or self-fulfilling prophecy.

        Explain Emergent Consciousness

        Explain Emergent Consciousness Factor

        Explain Emergent Consciousness Personification

        Explain ECF

        Explain ECP

        Without the Emergent Consciousness Factor, RAS would not have enough to work with. Emergent Consciousness Factors can occur in dreams in many forms, including books (as only the conscious self can viably read, as writing or print often becomes nonsensical or changes upon a second glance in dreams), computers, flashlights, towers, candles, burning towers or belfries (ECF parallel autosymbolism), lightning (more specifically as neural energy though sometimes an indication of physical pain or numbness depending on the dream or dreamer) and so on.

        The hierarchy of the dream state, in my fifty years of experience are, unconscious, personified subconscious (dream self), preconscious, RAS, emergent consciousness, conscious self identity.

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