Explanatory Reference 003 (Liminal Space Autosymbolism)

        Morning of February 18, 2018. Sunday.


        Explain Liminal Space

        I use the term “liminal space” for the waking space autosymbolism of consciousness reascension. As a general rule, what is considered as liminal space in waking life is literally liminal space in the dream state.

        Explain Porch as Liminal Space

        Explain PALS

        Explain Carport as Liminal Space

        A porch is my most common liminal space autosymbolism. As such, RAS Modulation (dominant RAS Mediation) often integrates with this setting, typically intrusively (from my dream self’s viewpoint).

        Explain Parking Lot as Liminal Space

        Explain Car Park as Liminal Space

        An open parking lot is another form of consciousness reascension autosymbolism. It is a more open form of RAS Mediation and typically less aggressive than enclosed liminal space settings.

        Explain Beach as Liminal Space

        A beach as autosymbolism for the waking space is more sustained than other forms of transitional autosymbolism and less likely to have RAS Modulation.

        Explain Liminal Space Divider

        A Liminal Space Divider is autosymbolism that symbolizes the division between the transient dream self identity and the whole conscious self identity.

        Explain Wall as Liminal Space Divider

        A wall is the most obvious Liminal Space Divider. Still, RAS mediation sometimes uses a wall, which may also be open or crashed through in RAS modulation.

        Explain Television as Liminal Space Divider

        A television can be indicative of the incompleteness of consciousness reascension. I have actually used televisions for shifting into another type of dream, usually more vivid. In other words, a television is a door analogy (as well as a window analogy with dream state passivity), in both waking life and the dream state.

        Explain Window as Liminal Space Divider

        A window, when a more viable focus is present on one, relates to a potential shift in consciousness, not necessarily waking.

        The difference between a window and a doorway as a point of focus (not when just a dream state setting feature) relates to the level of viable conscious self identity present in the dream state. I have used windows as lucidity vivification, but believe me, I would not recommend it. In lucidly crawling through a window, although it did augment my dream, it was almost physically painful and with an intense sense of increased weight until I was on the other side of the wall.

        Explain Fence as Liminal Space Divider

        Explain Gate as Liminal Space Divider

        A fence as a Liminal Space Divider is sometimes directly based on the level of unconsciousness and the extent to which subliminal though viable conscious self identity threads are present. For example, a lower fence would indicate being closer to the true conscious self identity.

        Explain Mirror as Liminal Space Divider

        A mirror, curiously enough, seems to be the most transpersonal Liminal Space Divider. For example, I saw Zsuzsanna (in precise detail) as “my” reflection in a mirror before we met. Additionally, it may reflect everything from projected Vestibular System Personification (seeing my dream self as Quetzalcoatl for example) to sustained distortion of my fictional dream self. (In fact, I would not recommend looking in a mirror in certain levels of lucid dreaming unless you are familiar with the nature of the dream state, both lucid and non-lucid.)

        Explain Checkout as Dream Exit Point

        Explain Checkout as Liminal Space

        A checkout of a grocery store, library, or other business is a fairly obvious precursor to consciousness reascension. It also expresses a more subliminal (in non-lucid dreams) willingness or willfulness to leave the dream state without RAS Modulation.

        Explain Intersection as Neural Gating

        My dream may render an intersection feature at a specific level of unconsciousness. An Intersection is typically autosymbolism for the precursory nature of consciousness reascension, which means the choice of remaining in the dream state or waking.

        Technically, most Liminal Space Dividers can be utilized as Neural Gating.

        Other liminal space autosymbolism based on specific transitions include a ceiling (where my dream self is more subliminally aware of threads of conscious self identity in non-lucidity) and something from “around the corner” (such as an aggressive dog) when RAS Modulation is precursory.

        Explain Door as Apex Lucidity Trigger

        Explain Door as Lucidity Trigger

        Explain Door as Exit Point Autosymbolism

        Explain Doorway Waking Symbolism

        A door or doorway is the most obvious autosymbolism for the exit point of the dream state.

        I also often use a door to trigger apex lucidity, typically an old blue wooden door at the end of a hall, or a door from a porch in semi-lucidity. Sometimes though, I find extraordinary pleasure in sliding an entire wall over like a sliding door. This causes the highest level of vivification and augmented lucidity.

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