Today Dave started harassing me again.  He had the nerve to say that Ian was taking advantage of me.  I guess he must be right even though Ian said otherwise.  We started harassing Dave.  We were laughing so hard together.  I forgot that Ian is dumping me in 2 weeks.  It felt so good to laugh with him and joke with him.  The bitch is pushing at him so hard.  He’s still putting up with her.  He even went back on AFF again.  I almost had myself convinced that he still liked me.  He agreed that we would be laughing at dave for a long time  which made me think he wanted to be with me for a long time.  He keeps talking like I’m going to see him after we move from here.  I guess Dave was right about me.  I’m too ugly for anyone to want.  Ian would rather sleep in a bed where he peed all over it than sleep on the air mattress with me.

3 thoughts on “gone”

  1. Hey beautiful, listen never think anything bad or negative about yourself. I personally think that you are a beautiful person, both emotionally and physically. If you’d like to connect just message me on here..

  2. Hon, it’s kinds hard when you don’t exist in the system

  3. Hello CatKrazy, you seem to be a nice person and you are pretty. There will be those that will say otherwise, and it will hurt, but the important thing is to not let it get to you
    The day you are not looking for love, love will find you. love is like car keys 😛 I know that from personal experience.
    You must learn to accept yourself the way you are… You aren’t a top model, like me and billions of other people in the world, but you seem like a person that people enjoy being close to, smart, enjoys a good laugh, and that is soooo much more important than being the hot, brainless babe that every guy wants to bang.

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