I’ve got him on the ropes.   He keeps insisting that there’s nobody else.   I waited until he went for the laundry this morning and called my cell from the room phone and acted like it was someone threatening me.  He blamed the bitch and called her a gringo pussy.  I hope the anger he feels for her stays.  Thankfully he believes me.  We’ve had a damn good day.  We went to some of the hiking trails and hid and had sex right out in public which was real hot.  We’ve talked and talked about us and how good things are.  I just hope in 2 weeks when we go into different rooms everything stays the same.  He admitted to the fact that he really does like me and wants me to stay in Albuquerque.  Damn I hope he’s for real.  He thanked me for being understanding and standing by him, even because of this morning.  This is almost too good to be true.  I want to pack up Murray and take off running.  But he’s asked me to stay.  Imagine that, a man that wants me to hang around.   He’s definitely stepped up and stepped into the role of protector.  Which is something I’ve always wanted.  He even cares enough to fuss at me if I eat sugar.  He’s been willing to learn about the diabetes and what needs to be done in an emergency.  He’s absolutely incredible.  He’s great in bed too.  He’s definitely got me wanting to try new things.  He’s more experienced in bed than I am and he’s younger which is a total shock.  He’s 39.

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