Say goodbye

Say goodbye today. Let’s end it all and go our separate ways. 

Say goodbye tomorrow and things may change. 

Saying it is a matter of making up my mind. Making up my mind means making a decision

I hate decisions

I hate losing this 

I hate losing you

But I lost me along time ago 

Do you remember her? I don’t

Do you miss her? I would but I don’t know her anymore

That must change. That’s a decision.  Is it the right one? Are you? Can you be ? For me? 

All I want is….

I don’t know what that is. But it comes in the form of a smile and a flame that defeats the never ending tears and the cold I feel coursing through me. 

There used to be warmth. The sweet warmth that settles deep in my belly when you kissed that soft spot above my pulse. A fierce warmth in my chest when you would lean toward me in your sleep and mumble my name. A soft warmth of your hand in mine. A calming warmth when I would wake up disoriented and you’d be the first person I saw…. When did I start feeling so cold.

Say goodbye when I realize I don’t need another to feel warm. 

Being successful will warm my soul. Being individual with light a fire under my seat. 

Say goodbye to one hell of a ride

Say goodbye to another lost love

Say goodbye to feeling comfortable when empires fall every day 

Say goodbye to an old friend

Say goodbye to a complacent lover

Say goodbye to the coldness

Say goodbye to the warmth 

Say good bye to one man

And maybe, just maybe 

I’ll be able to say hello to myself one again. 


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