That’s so nice of her…

This friend of mine was so nice to pay and invite my two closest friend to a party last night. What about me? I don’t mind paying for myself but the fact that she didn’t even invite me to it. I have always been nice and supportive towards her, like how every friend should be. But here I am, still thinking why on earth she didn’t even bother inviting me to her party. We basically see each other whenever I’m with my besties and yet this is how I get treated.

A few days back before the party, Martina asked her why she didn’t invite me… and her response “because she’s closer to you guys”. So… the people she invited were? I don’t think so, and that’s the kind of excuse she used on me. Seriously, how much of an ass do you have to be? Even better, talking about the whole party in front of me too. On top of that, she asked me to do something for her on the 11th of March, HA! She can go dream about it. I ain’t helping her one bit, ’cause I’ve just lost all respect for her and I don’t plan to be taken advantage of.

Some friend she is, and I’m a fair person. She should start questioning herself why I’m behaving like jerk the next time I see her.

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