With the help of a Stranger

Hello all,

I wanted to write this yesterday, but since I couldn’t find much time alone I didn’t.
Yesterday, work was going great in some aspects, but then the mother of one of my students, future ex-student walked in the school to talk about something that had happened and caused a very annoying situation.  She didn’t even greet me, just ignored that I was there.  This is what really bugged me because, even though I know I am involved, being that I am her kid’s teacher, I never spoke directly to her, nor do I know exactly what was said to her for her to ignore me as she did.
I had 2 cigarettes during my break and that just made me sick, no lunch. go figure.
Going home, as always I come and go by bike, I found myself in really negative thoughts… I want to defend myself, but then I will be causing a negative image of another person that has been working there for 2 years and I have only been there since October…
As I stopped, waiting for the traffic lights, I knew someone was behind me but didn’t give it much attention since that is common, eventually someone will be behind you waiting to cross the street…
So this guy behind me stops at my side and calls out to me… 
Miss? – I turn and look at him, and he has a smile on his face.
At first, I thought… He is going to hit on me… I don’t think I am that pretty but ok, ignore him and he will go away
Then, after noticing that he is wearing gym shirt from one of the biggest gyms around here, I started thinking he is going to advertise the gym…
So he went on speaking… with the smile on his face.
I just wanted you to know that… Jesus loves you very much and He wants you well.  Have a good afternoon and God bless you…
I found myself smiling as well, after thinking those things and being surprised with something TOTALLY different.  I thanked him and bid him a good afternoon as well; just like that, he left.
All my negative thoughts left, changed… I found myself thinking now that I should just let it rest and things go the way they go for reasons, and usually for reasons we will never be truly sure of.  I felt better and I felt like crying…
I am not a very religious person, too much religious hypocrisy witnessed as a child and this has led me to doubt the way some people interpret religion(all and different) itself.  However, I respect religion.  Believe what you will, do no wrong.
But this made me understand a little more about how faith works in some peoples lives.  To believe blindly in something is something very powerful, it doesn’t matter in what it is you decide to believe… and if that blind belief brings you energy, positivity to continue on finding your way through this crazy world, then go on with what makes you feel good.
I have had a lot of people talk to me about God and Jesus, and insist that I go to church, friends, co-workers, family members… but it took a stranger to really make me feel different about the divine.  Maybe because it was a stranger that said the right thing at the right time…  Just remembering still makes me want to cry, but because it really just made me feel lighter and not so upset with all that had gone on.
I don’t plan on going to church and day soon, this Thursday I will go to the spiritual center, something I am trying to get my husband to do with me since last year, so I am going with or without him this time.  And I decided to start reading the bible that I have downloaded about 4-5 months ago.  All on my own, with the help of a stranger.  I wish I could thank him again, only the divine truly know how this person just passing by made me feel so much better.

I hope all of you are having a great day, whether you are on the same side of the planet as I or on the other side. 😉
Live long and Prosper

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