2/18/18 (2) — average day & problem with pronouns (rant/rambling)

Not a lot happened today. I had gotten to bed early in the morning and woke up in the afternoon. Half the day was pretty much gone. Marcus wanted to hang out with me so he came pick me up and we went to the mall. I like him and all, but honestly, I didn’t really feel like being around him for too long. When we were walking around the mall, I saw Krystal with the girl he was on a date with. I felt so compelled to go up to him and hug him or kiss him, but it took every ounce of my being not to. 

One of the girls he was also talking to broke up with him today. Honestly it made me happy, but I don’t know how it affected him emotionally. She has all of his extra makeup and dresses at her place so she wants to bring it to me so I can hold onto for him.

Kate called an emergency trip and the four of us (me, Kate, Blaze, and Chris) went to New Orleans. Like usual. Went to a Chinese restaurant. Wasn’t a huge fan. We had a good time though. On the way back we actually had some pretty awesome conversations. I laughed a lot.

I’m home now. Was bored, figured I’d write in here before midnight comes. Which means there’s technically two journal entries for today.

The pronoun thing for my partner, Krystal, is getting to me a little. Like, I don’t mind calling her a she to her and any of our friends. I’m completely fine, open, and accepting of it. It’s just, typing it all down, I constantly type “he” by mistake, and by the time I realize it there’s too many mistakes for me to want to correct. So I probably won’t. Should I? I feel like a bad person. I feel like in the future I might accidentally call her Koby in here. I feel like I’m being disrespectful. What if I make the mistake in real life? I’ll try my hardest to catch myself from now on, because Krystal IS a girl.

11:20 PM

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