[200.1] ~*Mon – 02/19/18*~

[10:04 pm]

Alright, I’m currently facing a dilemma. I talked to my friend which asked me for some advice on where she should put some money she received as she owes her Rogers some money and would like to get some food. It always breaks my heart to see that she’s struggling so much cause of money issue that I just want to give her some right now to help out so she can put the $100 she has on her Rogers and I’d give her $50 for her food. I haven’t really given her anything for her Bday so I thought maybe I could give it as a Bday gift. The thing is, I’m always giving her so much money already. I’m always taking her out to eat and giving her money here and there when she needs it. I’ve also lent her about $500 not this past year but the year before and I’ve never seen any of it back. I’m not really expecting to have it back but I just feel that I’m spending so much money on her. The main reason I feel bad about it is cause I always tell hub to stop spending money on McDonald’s and I ask him to do extra hours to help us out with money so we can keep building our savings. He never ever spends money without asking me first and here I am throwing money to this friend all the time. So I really don’t know what to do right now. Before Xmas I even wanted to go put some money on her Rogers without telling her, to help her out. I didn’t in the end cause my car costed me $1000 more than what I had expected it to cost to get fix. I just sometimes feel that I am way too nice with people but I just hate seeing people suffer when I can help them. Blah!




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  1. You have a good heart, I totally understand that you wanna help your friends in need, but don’t forget to help yourself too. Do you have anyone helping you when you need it?

    I totally get your dilemma!

    Hugs 🙂

  2. @ LMP; Thanks for the comment, I appreciate. I’m still not decided on what I will be doing but I will more than likely help out cause it’s just who I am. I for sure do way more for others than they will ever do for me which sometimes makes me sad but in general I help from good heart and not from expecting something back. Although it’s surely nice to have some help once in a while. I just sometime which my heart wouldn’t be so damn good. Hehe!

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