february 12-19

february 12, 2018

back at grandmas for the night before heading back home tomorrow. trey and i camped out for the lana show yesterday for 30+ hours. we got outside at 3 am saturday morning because we found out in an uber on the way to a hookah bar that the group of kids who go to almost every lana del rey show was coming to ours in austin and we HAD to beat them out there. around 4:30 we decided to go take a short nap at his apartment before officially coming back out there. but we ended up sleeping until 7 and got there around 7:30 am. the group of stans showed up around 10:45 and didn’t really talk to us at all. but oh my god it was so cold the whole time. we couldn’t put up our tent until about 10:30 pm because there was a basketball game going on and the venue ((the frank erwin center)) wouldn’t let us until everyone from the game had left. it was the worst seep of my life. i forgot the tent pad so we were sleeping on the cold concrete while it rained. not to mention, the wind was viscous. besides the terrible weather and wind, we actually had a pretty good time out there. the one girl we thought we would hate the most from the group of stans turned out to be our favorite and was super nice and gave us great tips to meet lana. trey and i ended up being center barricade for the show and lana actually made a lot of eye contact with us. when she asked for song requests everyone in the crowd ((except for one of the stans from the group besides us who wanted some obscure song to seem like a “real” fan)) was yelling for gods and monsters. but trey and i yelled for art deco and she listened to us and even looked and pointed at us the entire time she did the song. when she came down the stairs during ultraviolence, she asked, “are you okay, babe?” because i was so far pushed against the barricade. i got her to sign my lust for life cd and even got a selfie with her. it was probably the best night of my life and the best concert i have ever been to.

13 beaches
pretty when u cry
scharbourough fair interlude ((ill spell check later bc i know i butchered that))
born to die
blue jeans
white mustang
god bless america ((first verse and chorus))
when the world was at war
national anthem
lust for life
change, black beauty, young and beautiful medley
ride monologue
video games
million dollar man ((first verse and chorus- friend we made in the queue request))
art deco ((first verse and chorus acapella- trey and my request))
summertime sadness
off to the races

february 13, 2018

side note from my entry yesterday that i forgot to add: lana told on of the stans from the group that go to every show that she saw them camping out which means she saw trey and i camping out while i looked HOMELESS but i was supposed to go back home today and decided to wait until tomorrow because of the rain but i dont even think it’s going to rain that much now.

february 15, 2018

super uneventful day. watched movies on my phone. drove all day home yesterday and then went to eat mexican with ginny for valentines day. david’s threatening to kill himself again. what’s new.

february 17, 2018

i told myself i would try to make an entry everyday but i just keep forgetting to. plus, my life is super boring right now. all i do is read books illegally online and watch hulu. i leave to move to austin thursday, and i still haven’t started packing. on a positive note, i think my creative side is slowly starting to come back out. hopefully this move jump starts it.

february 18, 2018

nothing interesting happened at all today. but i’m trying to keep myself in the habit of doing this everyday. still need to pack but i empty my dresser and vanity but the contents are all over my bed so not much progress.

february 19, 2018

i feel like as soon as i move to austin thursday my creativity will kick back up. i slowly feel it starting to come back because of forcing myself to do an entry everyday no matter how short they are. i’m about to transfer these to paper so maybe writing will really boast my creativity. i can tell it’s coming back because i have made two new spotify playlists which i never do anymore because they have to fit a certain sound, mood, aesthetic, etc or whatever. i think I’m going to copy them down in my notebook so i know which playlists were made at certain times in my life later on. i’ll probably still type these journals out on my laptop so my thoughts come out as fast as i can type them because writing takes me a while and i don’t want to forget a thought. i know i’m extra. but i went to target and walmart with sidney today to get a few more things for my room and fruit and orange juice for mimosas at cierra’s tomorrow.


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