February issue 2018

February Issue.2018
The month of February in every year is always a time to smile a lot and a time to build a strong desire for joy and happiness. Just a few month from now, winter will be stored again in the Garage, and start to wiggle our eyes around to the changing beauty of Nature. Spring is healthy, and everyone will begin exploring to the plaza and walk around. Some will be jogging or walking, and you will meet people with their cheek pinkish due to the aftermath of winter.
I am not a political animal, but people are waking up now about how Trudeau is administering our Government in Canada. His handling with Kader problem, whom he gives a gift of 10 million CAD, swing his popularity to a low level. There are some who are in poverty, and never involve in politics however they need his help, and he only winks and closes his eyes. Even his handling with Nafta with the American, same thing very cloudy. He has to remember, that the new US President is a Republican and a conservative. But going peripherally away to a distant Left side in ideology, it will make the agreement cloudy and nowhere to find. We have to respect them, so that, they will respect us also. Most of his mission now is bordering on his childish way or not mature enough, that Canada can be respected. But nonetheless, Trudeau dealings with the Philippine Government about the Helicopter deal, of which Duterte scrap it, is something that Trudeau is also right. He wanted that Duterte should follow the tenets of respecting Human Rights and also investigate the thousands of EJK, but Duterte cannot succumb to the good intent of the requisite. Duterte scraps the deal, and now he is looking for China as the alternative, no matter if it will make the Philippines suffers the disadvantage of paying 6% interest. When it comes to human Right, Canada has also it share of racism. The killing of an indigenous first native in Saskatchewan by a rich farmer, and was acquitted, is a slap to our ( Canadian ) constitution that guaranteed every right for every individual. I think I have to applaud the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice in their statements criticizing the verdict in favor of the killer. The victim is shot inside the Car, and there is no good reason why he is being shot. The Jury selection is defective and it favored the accused. There is a need to revisit our statutes regarding our judiciary system.
The weather is in an unstable situation, sometimes the Government issued a ” cold Alert” and just a matter of a day, it ends up because the warm weather showed up again. The commuters confronted a very problematic situation, because of freezing rain, and slippery roads. Many accidents happened, and the hospital is dumped or crowded with so many orthopedic patients, an aftermath of so many accidents on the roads or highways. But I like the weather when it is warmer and we know right away, that spring is just a spit away. When spring comes, we also feel that our surrounding is full of sweetness, and the air is also very refreshing. And the coffee shop also is not far away. Not to forget, condolence also to the family of Ric Mariano, who died just a week ago. He used also to frequent the Countryside coffee shop at Wilson and Bathurst corner. my Brod Dopling relayed the message to me. Death is no longer a surprising event because no one will ever endure in this world. We just pray for him too. Sad also, to note that the Vice-mayor of Ronda, John Ungab, a nephew of our close friend, in Toledo City, is being ambushed by an unknown assailant in Cebu City. He was also known with so many legal problems in his practice. I know his father, but personally not him. Everyone has its own limit, and it might also be his gifted end. God is just, slow to anger, but He will also never forget those who worship him. His power is beyond comprehension.

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