Strange of him

Last night was quite an odd night. I don’t know what got over him, I don’t know why was he being like this. He was so sweet, he complimented me more than usual, said he loves me and promised me cute things.

Then there was the part where he told me if I ever start to fall in love with someone else, I gotta let him know immediate. Or the part where he asked if I was sure that I want to spend my life with him, who has problems, who can’t walk, who can’t do much as a normal person.

I replied him, saying that I am definitely sure of it. Even if he’d lose his leg completely, even if he’ll need extra care because of his RSD. I don’t care what he has, I’m 100% sure that I want him as my husband, have a family with him and only him.

I don’t care about people’s judgement, I don’t care if people tell me to leave him because he’s disabled or just someone who’ll bring weight to my life. I am WILLING to live with that, especially for him.

I love him.

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