Well, I thought he would be a total sweetheart when he got in like he was last week.  I guess he’s been talking to the bitch again because he’s cold as hell toward me.  I’ll wait till he goes to sleep and check his phone and see whats what.  He told her he wasn’t free but I can’t help but wonder if he reniged what he said.  I’m so afraid of losing him.  I was stupid and going to stay but like I said I’m going to give him 2 weeks and if things aren’t the way I’d hoped I’m blowing town.  There’s no sense in me staying here if he’s going to be seeing other women behind my back.  He even made a comment that he’d be gone soon because we’d probably get tired of each other.  I wouldn’t bit apparently he has, so there’s no sense in me staying here with someone who doesn’t want to see me.  I’ll never feel the real love of a man.  The one thing in the world I want I’ll never have.  All I can say is I’ve gotten a glimpse of what I’ve never had and can never have.  Hell,  he had to stop at a bar and have some hard liquor just to come home and face me.   What does that say. 

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  1. I left my husband because of shit like this. Almost exactly like this. I have felt so much better since leaving him.

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