144 – adderal

So adderal seems to be helping. I felt a little weird first day or 2. But I feel good. I think I am a little more focused. I still have that “monkey mind” – but I think I am able to slow it down a bit. I’ve done some purging of things that have been in my house and not seen the light of day for years. It feels easier to do that. One huge and unexpected effect it is having is that I am not eating as much. It’s not a loss of appetite.  I just don’t “clean my plate”. That is a dramatic change for me! I don’t feel the need to eat everything in front of me. I don’t have the urge to mindlessly eat. If this continues it will have a huge impact on my perpetual weight concerns. In my research I found several references to links between binge eating and ADD. It makes sense to me. 

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