[201] ~*Tue – 02/20/18*~

[7:44 pm]

I woke up around 1:30 pm today. I had been tossing and turning for the past hour so really I should of gotten out of bed earlier but I just didn’t felt like it cause I knew what today meant, cleaning the suggies cage. Hub was still up when I got out of bed but once I was up, he went to bed. Good thing or I’d be pissed off. I always get pissed off if he’s up when I’m cleaning the cage. Sometime I just want to get rid of the suggies but they are so cute.

So I cleaned their cage which took about two hours cause I take lil breaks in between as I don’t want to get overwhelmed with the cleaning. I’ve pretty much put everything back in the cage beside some toys cause they aren’t dry yet. Talking about their toys, I really need to make new ones cause the ones they currently have are getting old. I also realized that the pouch they are currently sleeping in have two holes in it. I need to stop being lazy and start making them new stuff.

After I was done with cleaning the cage, I went to the Casino and only got $15 which I didn’t make anything with. I was good thought, I didn’t even play any of my money. I kinda wanted too but I resisted the urge to do so. I’m going back tomorrow night and I really hope I’ll be getting more than $15.

I went to Costco to get a few things and I also got my B12. Now I really need to try my hardest to take it every morning to see if it helps with me being tired all the time.

This mucus thing is seriously driving me crazy. I’m coughing and nothing is coming up. I’ve called the clinic to get an apt but they were full. I could of tried calling elsewhere but I didn’t really felt like going back out so I will call my doc tomorrow to see when I can get an apt with him. If it’s not too far, I’ll go see him, if not, I’ll try the clinic again.

I’ve been looking at this website ever since hub’s uncle told me they were about to post an opening for a Social Worker and they finally did. I was just reading it and of course, like I had thought, you need to be part of the association for it which I am not. There goes my hopes and dreams once again. I don’t want to apply just yet cause of it, I don’t want to be wasting my time. You need to make a profile and I don’t want to be spending an hour or so working on a profile if I don’t even qualify for the job. I was going to give up but decided to write an email to the person in charge asking if I could still apply or not. I might try to contact to association and see what I need to do to be part of it. I guess we shall see how this whole thing goes but I knew I was too excited about it for nothing. I had told hub’s uncle that I wasn’t part of the association but he had said it didn’t matter but I knew better than that. Bleh!

I feel so weird writing about this but I ended up going to the bathroom twice today and everything seems to be normal. I think I gave myself a scare for nothing with what happened yesterday. The first time I went, I was so very scared but that’s one thing that’s okay today. Now if only I could get rid of this darn mucus cause I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to deal with it before I go totally crazy. I think the spray might have been helping a lil cause it seems to be a bit worse since I’ve stopped taking it but the thing is, my nose wasn’t really bleeding but there was a bit of blood which is the main reason why I had decided to stop taking it. I work late tomorrow so I’ll prob won’t be able to get into a clinic but I hope I can get into one on Thu if I can’t see the doc next week.

That’s pretty much it for today. I had called my friend before going out earlier to see what she had decided to do with her money but she wasn’t home and I haven’t heard from her so I have no idea what she decided to do. I’m still not decided on if I should give her some money or not. I talked about it a lil with hub when I got up and he doesn’t seem to mind me helping her which is good. I guess this is another thing that we shall see how it goes.





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