Favorite time of the day

I just put my son to sleep after we had our little chit chat session. I let him watch cartoon for 30 mins every night for past 5 nights. I should be telling him bed time stories instead But I am guilty of being a lazy mom sometimes.

So I lay in my bed trying to get sleep. This is my favorite time of the day because I finally get to put my brain to rest and it’s the next 6-7 hours of not over thinking and no anxiety. I might wake up once or twice with a fast beating heart But I’ll eventually go back to sleep. 

This is the time of the day when I put all my pain And worries aside and I rest hoping my tomorrow’s day will be better. I feel hopeful. I feel like this is another day I have conquered! As usual, I am wishing and praying that I don’t feel like shit when I wake up tomorrow. 

I want to wake up feeling happy once for a change! 

That hasnt happened in a long time. 


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