is there something wrong with me? I’ve never dated before, had a boyfriend before, not one romantic relationship. people always ask me why? why haven’t I had a boyfriend? and honestly, I’m afraid. throughout middle school and high school, all I saw when someone was in a relationship was people getting hurt. and I don’t want to be like them. so I avoid it without noticing that that’s what im doing avoiding it.But I think it goes deeper than that. regardless I want to someday know what it’s like to fall in love because I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it feels like but I what to know. I want to know if its like they depict it in the movies. what is it like to have Butterflies in your stomach”? all those silly things. like walking hand in hand and having someone there for you. maybe just maybe I haven’t found the right one?  maybe…

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  1. Yes, Angel, that is the smartest thing you could ever do, because when you know it is the right one, YOU WILL KNOW. My husband now did exactly that. He got tired of the relationships he had fallen into, and they do damage you and told God that he was not going to date, or even talk to girls, he was serious, he would work and turn away but to bring him the one that he could make it with.

    8 months later I actually came into his life unexpected, for either of us, I was sortof dating someone, but more assessing, NO physical relationship, a little kissing, but nothing that “romantic” because romance is just in essence part of your relationship AFTER you trust each other, otherwise it is just a sort of foreplay, and NOT REAL!

    You have all types of love, but real love I “getting” the other person and working together in a relationship that creates romance, but more importantly FRIENDSHIP.

    Keep asking God, He actually operates that way. Now, my husband tells our kids, who are older to not date period! Then we found videos on people saying this, that it is the wrong way to do it, to wait, to find people ASSOCIATE and then with little signs they come into your presence, and little by little you will know.

    The other will ONLY cause you pain and harm, I promise. I did not listen when my mother tried to help me, and was in a 17 year marriage where I loved him more than life, and was hurt most of the time,. NOW, it is hard working through things, but it is not because the other person is off on their own path or thing, it is changing parts of ourselves to INCREASE in love and friendship, it is UNITY.

    Keep going, Pray, keep living, you are one of the few SMART ones, for real. If you want to connect email me, I’d be happy to chat. You’re on the right path, the real relationship will NOT be tainted, but again, until you know for sure, that you are ready to commit for life, don’t be physical, that is only attachment to where they are at, and you won’t know that UNTIL YOU KNOW, and they will want you forever too, they won’t just want to have a part of you to satisfy their momentary fantasies of “romance”. They will be a friend and someone you will want to spend your life, hopes dreams WITH, and they want that to for REAL.

    Smile you are doing it right! Your prayers will be answered!

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