I’m stuck I got fired from my job about 3 weeks ago. I never had a job that was for someone my age. ever since I got out of high school my family has had money problems, mostly in my last two years of high school because my mom got injured at her job( she works as a custodian) I went to community college for half a semester because of it. I know myself so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle working and studying so I decided to work and left school. But it was hard getting a job I would send applications everywhere but they would respond to you are not what we need or we need someone with experience. so I went with a job that I knew would hire me fast which is the same job my mom worked in. and I got hired. by now im only working 2 days which is now enough for all the expenses. and im looking for a better job opportunity, and I also want to go back to school. but the way things are going at the moment it kind of seems unrealistic to think that I will be going to school this fall. im currently doing a resume and cover letter to work at a place called nature republic but all they’ll see in my resume is that I’ve only worked as a custodian. I don’t even know if they’ll give me a chance but I hope they do. the career I want to take this fall is skin therapy. so I think it’ll be a great chance to get thank job. I just hope my life gets better because im currently feeling lost. I just want a job that suites me.

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