What the heck

Why is it that guys seem to flock to me when I’m in a relationship? Like come on. You had your chance when I was available??? I didnt have an issue with guys before, I  always got the guy I wanted even if most of the time it ended w me getting screwed over. Anyways as I was saying like why r bare mans trynna hit me up when they know I have a mans rs. Well I’m pre sure they do.

one of them for sure n he keeps trying to impress me n shit and it’s like damn boi I could give two fucks but as long as ur happy and doing well that’s all I care about and then the other mans knew I had a bf a few months ago I told him but he out here still trying to finesse me and sent me some half nude pic like boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


yo I get way too much attention from mans I don’t want like thank u yes I love attention but not from u

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