2/20/18 — sitting by the bayou

Today I hung out with Dwayne. The first time since the night of one of those parades. Had a pretty great time. We walked over to his uncle’s house, but nobody was home so we sat by the bayou in the back yard, and just talked. I also rubbed up on his arms and hair and we made out a lot as well, but for the most part, we talked. It was good. So many people wouldn’t want the two of us even associating, but honestly, I don’t give a shit anymore.

So I guess the two of us are official now. Dwayne’s totally into the idea of having an open relationship. He doesn’t mind if I have a boyfriend (or, girlfriend I guess, in Krystal’s case).

Oh, also, we did give each other blowjobs. That’s a thing that occurred. Neither of us finished the other off the entire time, kinda giving us a reason to continue fooling around in the future. He’s so good at sucking dick. I really wish he would have finished me off, but hey, I can’t really complain seeing as how I couldn’t get him to.

He brought me back to the mall after a few hours of hanging out. I played a few games of the dance game Pump in the arcade with Turner. Yeah, he was there. And he offered me a chance to go to his place and meet his apparent fiancée. Uh, yeah, nope. Had hung around Marissa and Alvin for a little bit before heading home. Told them about my new girlfriend. Hanging around them is so weird. Like, I still enjoy hanging with them, but after everything that’s happened I’m supposed to hate them. Without them, so much could be different, and better. But meh, I don’t like having enemies so I’ll keep them close to me for now. They seem to still like me, and to trust me again, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

I’m laying in bed now. Waiting for my first ex Kyle to text back. Texting him’s so difficult. He seems to always complain about the way I text. I text like how I talk. I’m not going to treat him any different than any of my other friend’s. He’s not special.

7:30  PM

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