[202] ~*Wed – 02/21/18*~

[10:05 pm]

Blah! Last night I wrote to the person in charge for the position I wanted to apply for in Correction but as I thought, you need to be part of the association which I am not. That said, I won’t bother as I obviously don’t qualify for the job. I was so damn excited about it but I just should of known better. I did wanted to contact the association, explain my situation and see what I can now do to be part of it but meh, I couldn’t be bothered right now. I also wanted to write to the office about my hours for Fri but I think I’m just not gonna bother with that either. I’ll take this week relax, talk about it with her on Fri when I go in to drop off my paperwork and see from there. I’m just discouraged, once again.

My second client cancelled today so during that time I went to the Casino with my friend for the buffet and play my other friend’s money. I got $10 today and of course, didn’t win anything. I’m proud of myself, I didn’t even play any of my money. I really, really wanted to go to Jack’s after work thought but was good and came straight home. My friend paid me back the $20 I had given her last week and I feel so very bad about it cause I know she needs the money. She took it from the $100 she had and she’s still not decided what she’s gonna do with it. I’m scared she’s gonna end up spending it elsewhere before deciding. I wanted to bring her to Rogers on our way home so she would put it on that but she didn’t wanted to go cause she’s scared to put the money there and then need some. This is why I push hub to work more so we can have good savings in case something ever happens. I never want to be in my friend’s place, where money is so tight that you need to decide where you put it. It just breaks my heart!

It’s garbage night and again, I don’t want to do it at all. Hub cooked earlier and made a mess of dishes in the sink which I wanted to do but I don’t think I’ll be doing it. It’s only 10 pm but I think I will feed the suggies and head to bed to read a bit and try to sleep early-ish so I can wake up earlier tomorrow and do the garbage before work.




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