Embracing the Suck of Migraine-Induced Vampirism

Good day, my fellow #vampineurs, #spoonies, #fibro warriors, and everyone else touched by the suck of chronic illness(es).

Life’s hard: Duh.

Life is even harder when you and/or your children/close loved ones are battling chronic illness: Double duh.

But instead of focusing on all the things chronic illness takes from its sufferers and their loved ones (and heaven knows the list is endless), I am choosing, today anyway, to focus on the PERKS of being chronically ill, particularly, the perks of being a vampineur.

If your brows touched your hairline, middle finger jutted up, or your jaw gaped when you read the word “perks” you’re not alone. My own jaw gaped as I typed the cheerful word in the same sentence as chronic illnesses and migraine-induced vampirism, but I promise you I’m not crazy. At least not completely. 😉

Perk #1   I’m constantly told I look too young to have a 20 and 17 year old. I was even carded when I bought some alcohol last week for a marinade (I’m 38). Perhaps I owe this to having to avoid sunlight almost as much as the brave people battling porphyria or albinism.

Perk #2  Creativity. Pre-spoonie/migraine days, I used to dream–a lot. Vivid, often lucid dreams, many of which I still remember as clearly as real memories. Now, I rarely ever recall dreams. But…the sparks of creative brilliance (possibly insanity) that flash through my mind while in the midst of a migraine, are far more reliable and beneficial for the book I’m writing.

Perk #3  A Tougher Hide. Like most type-A, introverted Capricorns, I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve. But my emotions run deep. In the past, this has prevented me from taking chances that might expose me to ridicule and public judgement. Being in constant, yet varying degrees of pain for over a decade and watching my children battle their chronic physical, developmental, and emotional conditions even longer, has changed that.

I’m still not a social butterfly, doubt I ever will be, but making connections with other people no longer makes me quake with fear or aggravates my IBS–I have my pain to thank for that.

If you can relate to any of this, or know someone who can, please comment and/or share your story and tips for keeping sane in an insane body living in in insane world. 🙂

I love to hear stories from other vampineurs and chronic illness warriors, so please comment and/or send me a link to one of your blogs.

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