Hello, this is my introduction to this journal. I guess I’ll start with the basics: I am a 32 years old women. I live in Northern California, however I hope to move out of California one day, especially if things really start going sour. I’m really not quite sure where I should go, though. 

Anyway, I work for an In-Home Supportive Living company. I don’t hate the job, but I despise the company. I am currently working on getting a new job. I want a job that pays better and does not pay through two sources and have different pay rates. This company is corrupt to know end. You may hear a lot of complaints about my job on here for as long as I have it. 

I will have a boyfriend of 7 years as of this coming November. Can’t have kids so we have dogs: A 6 year old border collie mix named Bruce and a 3 year old great Dane named Little Ann. 

I don’t have too many hobbies. I am trying with not much effort, to lose weight. I try to find the motivation to exercise, but it’s tough to get going. If I find the motivation, I like to walk for long distances. I like cooking recipes I’ve never tried before. I also try to find healthy meals, however a lot contain so many ingredients that it can get expensive. So anyway, I try, but things make it tough like my job and finances. 

So, I think that’s all I’m going to write about. I hope I can make some friends and some readers on this site. This journal is mostly a backup for my Prosebox, but I may take the time occasionally to write some exclusive content. So Goodbye. Until next time. – kDawnf

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