Now how to get out of here with no money.  I can leave Murray here because I know Ian will take care of him.  I can’t take this any more.  I thought I was ready for a relationship but I’m not.  I know there’s someone else and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I was hoping to win his heart and his fidelity but I realize now it will never happen.  He wanted me to move to the other place because it was cheaper and he implied he wanted me closer and that we would continue seeing each other on a daily basis and continue sharing the same bed every night.  I’m getting so use to seeing him every day and sharing a bed with him.  He’s already implied that he’s tired of having me around.  I know I’ll never see him again.  We were thrown together too fast and that’s ruined any chances of having a relationship with him.  Damn I am so stupid.  I should have ended it  before it even started.  I should have never agreed to meet him in the first place.  Like I said I’ll give him a month after we move and if I’m right I’ll never see him again and I’m free to go.  He’s going to spend the day with her today.


I wonder if he’ll notice my stuff missing if I start packing up today.  He doesn’t seem to notice anything else about me any more.  I could bring him to have and orgasm at lease 3 times a day and now I’m lucky if he has 2 and he has to masturbate to do that.  He says it isn’t me but I know it is and he’d rather be with her. 

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