Not To Bad…..

Back from my trip…not bad really. A lot of that is that my sister was not traveling with me! Huge, huge difference. All the food on this trip was awesome! Check in at the hotel didn’t go well, but even though I was told I was given someone else  room, you don’t say that to a guest at a hotel..not professional, it was a nice room. End game on my cousins new car….yeah not so much. It’s nice but I like the last generation better…The other car was a wonderful automobile and we connected, I’ll miss her. I was surprised by the “house of God” portion of the event. We had the night before service and then the event the next day. Although both services were long it was something that was nice! Everyone preformed fantastically and even I clean up well. I just got to sit in the back for awhile holding something very special. Nice. The luncheon that followed was way to loud and my ears were in pain and I don’t think I’ll totally recover. I have tinnitus real bad and at the end of the day my ears hurt badly. Food was great. Everyone had fun. I watched and after a couple of hrs. I started to spend more time outside because of my ears. I saw some cousins that I don’t see except for these family events, at least this one was a happy one. Timing on these run ins with them was good as they were leaving. I don’t visit with people and try to avoid conversations. “Hi, how are you?” and “Nice seeing you, take care” works for me. So, briefly I enjoyed meeting my cousins friend that went with us, I did have a one on one with a older cousin that was important to me as she didn’t bother to contact my nephew and his family when his 7 yr had cancer. I wanted to hear what it meant to me and at the end she was teary eyed and I’m glad that she had some feeling about it as she just doesn’t go there. Cousins….two first, four second, three third just to fill you in.  Now I really felt great when my cousin who likes her liqueur who was part of my situation yrs. ago that i was concerned about my other cousin in law takes jabs at me…got toasted and ended up throwing up all over her car inside and out and well….me to. Paid me $50 for my pants that didn’t clean up.  I felt FANTASTIC !!! Although she tried to have me drink with her…I said no. Yeah baby! Good job Simonhenry!!!! All in all I was surprised at how it all went. I also was able to spend one on one time with my special cousin who is my second favorite person  who knows what I did a few yrs. ago, won’t mention that. We just pick up where we left off, as we don’t really have conversations as she is just so busy I don’t try anymore to talk but we do get some time. It’s OK. She always grounds me and I can talk openly with her. Nice. So just a note I don’t really like the new cat sitter…not sure what to do about it yet. Good Girl Kat is fine. 

OK kids now the fun part….My cousin in law has a brother!!! I met him at a family thing a few yrs ago and at the wedding many yrs. ago but i was partnered and don’t seem to remember him from back then. OH YEAH BABY! He’s not necessarily attractive, he smokes, he drinks….not relationship material. BUT!!! He has that personality that taps my 13 yr. old in me!!! Sick and not healthy….but I’m old now and understand where that kid is and why he wants ‘things’. Just give me an hour with him. It might hurt, might not. I’ll do anything he wants and would allow him to do anything he wants to me, no hitting or name calling…spanking would be good. This would be a sexual thing if you were wondering!  I was able to share a very short conversation with him which put me close up and personal. He had been drinking, I just melted! Wanted to just kiss him. I don’t meet Men that put me that state of mind and I had forgotten about him as it was 4 yrs since I’d seen him last and again, he’s not that attractive and back then I wasn’t able to touch that 13 yr old kid and was wondering then why I was attracted to him….Got It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was in the parking lot when I was parking the car, didn’t really see him out of his car then, but thought that he might be attractive, had asked his sister for a cigarette (different writing at some other time). Didn’t know that they were my cousins brother and sister at that time. Funny that his name is Mickey….Do any of you remember…”lets see if Mickey likes it”….yeah he’ll like it! Sorry folks I can’t say any of this to anyone…but I can write here! He’s a stud! Thanks 

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