The best is yet to come

Tonight was a goodnight at bible study. We studied how to identify and ward off attacks from the enemy(spiritual warfare). The speaker instructed that often times when we try to progress or better ourselves we encounter heavy opposition. Yes, it’s true. I receive opposition on many levels.  The thing is that God provided his word to educate and instruct us on how to maintain the fight of faith. Because it truly is a “fight”. When we were in discussion one of the questions was what area of our lives do we need blessing favor. My first response wasn’t to get my family back.  My first response was that I need to better myself so that I can be good for my family. At the end we went around the room for prayer requests and of course I said that my marriage was in need of prayer because I have a court date on the 1st. I just have to remember that the greatest struggle is a setup for Gods best. I believe that Gods BEST is to be reunited with my family. Thank you Lord for sending Godly men/friends into my life. The ole bar scene ain’t got nothing on being in fellowship with believers. I have truly come out of my shell. That is another good thing that has come out of this difficult time. I try to find even the smallest things to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for keeping me. My lips will always confess your goodness.

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