Wednesday February 21st

I am ready for the rest of the day. I know I really need to get my shit together better than than so that I am not planning and prepping for the day ON the day. I started working on my admission stuff for school again. Their spring 2 term starts on March 5th. I don’t think I will have all my stuff in time. I will need to apply for financial aid, too. I will have to get a Stafford Loan. I can probably work on that tonight. The hold up will be the three recommendations. Ugh. People say they will do that for you, and then you have to bug them to death to get them to actually do it! I changed the original 3 I had done- Luhman and Killian to Ms. Green and Mr. Gum. My principal HAS to be one of the 3, so I just re-sent it to her. I told Ms. Green this morning she should be getting something from UC. Let’s hope she will actually fill it out for me. I hate asking people for things. 

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