Hate From All Angles

Like a paper in the wind, just swaying like a Light cloud in the sky. No worry in the world. The wind just taking it further and further and then suddenly , BAM! 

Its like the whole world went in flames and I just went from feeling so free and so happy to feeling like a piece of ash. Just dirt….. 

That’s what a relationship can feel like , one minute your okay and the next your not. Why does god put us in those types of positions. To kill our hearts ? To make us beg ? To make us feel why he felt on that cross . The saying god I’ll never give why you can’t handle is a bunch of crap. I have been dealing with more than what I can for along time now. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Can I catch a break ? …..

wpeww man never. 

The woman is always wrong in your eyes . You will never face your own wrongs and mistakes . I am the bad one . The one who always try’s to make sure we re okay, that we have food , and clean clothes and a home Nd so much more . You just sit around and do what ??? Hmmm…. yeah I’m done. Just let it die, let it all die. 



One thought on “Hate From All Angles”

  1. I know how painful life can seem at times (a whole fucking lot of times, that is). Sometimes I’m scared to be happy because I know I’ll come crashing right back down again. It’s nice and cruel at the same time to know that there are people who feel just like that, y’know?

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