Wake up

I kinda wish sometimes well actually all the time that people would wake up.. And I don’t mean like wake up from a deep sleep or nap. No I mean wake up and look at the world. wake up and look at what bullshit this government is feeding you. LGBT, Bible, Bathrooms, and the biggest one RACISM.. I wonder if you people have ever looked at the bigger picture here. Honestly does it matter where someone uses the restroom? Whens the last time we’ve seen a transgender actually do something then what they were supposed to do in the bathroom? We’ve literally been using the restrooms with trans people for years on end. And now all of a sudden this world is worried about it? honestly do you people not see the bigger picture here. HATE no that’s the bigger picture that’s just apart of the plan. i will definitely be giving you the bigger picture here but keep reading. People call gay men pedophiles and perverts why? because they sleep with someone they absolutely  love kind like you when you lay down with you wife/husband/partner? I know plenty of gay men that I would trust with my children before I let a straight man, now that sounds a little bias but out of straight men and gay men there’s more of a chance a straight will be the one to harm my children. Not only straight men do it, so don’t get me wrong here. But gay men? is right to target them and call them pedophiles because they like men? so that means that they are going to harm your child? No! I know of plenty of gay men and they are loving and caring people just like any straight person. Just because a man is sick enough to hurt a child doesn’t make them gay! It makes that person is a sick person, a mentally ill person. and that person could be straight. Again look at the bigger picture! Hate again no the bigger picture. Keep reading you’ll find out. The BIBLE… Some say it’s the truth, some say it’s a lie. See without something to believe in, in this world would cause chaos ok see people believe that there’s a heaven and hell right? yeah so if they don’t follow the book they go to hell so they believe this book is the answer to everything when in reality its not its a book created by many men.. we don’t know these men we have no clue who these men are. But everything from the book kind happens right? so I’m going to assume this book has been created by governments through out years. The government makes everything happen and this is why we see the bible working. They are controlling the minds of people everywhere. Its like law, if we don’t have laws, this world would be a disaster. without control it would be all bad. The bible is here to keep you under a spell, to keep you in control. Moving on..  RACISM… Now this is a big one.. this has been taught generation to generation. Why? because it controls us. HATE. and this is where it all comes together. Because as long as there is hate in this world be will be constantly focused on these little things that absolutely have no effect with our lives. Who cares if your white gay black trans? Honestly what is that effecting anyone. You’d think this country would be worried about bigger shit like how our troops are being treated, how far were debt, the man that just threw himself in front of kids so they didn’t get shot..Taxes..Shit that actually effects our everyday living. But we cant because we have to follow the rules? the rules created by the government to run our lives. To make us hate each other so this way this world will never come together as. See this is the bigger picture the government hides alot of shit and without any of these things they have us fighting over, they wouldn’t be able to do what they are doing. They afraid of us, if we all woke up from this government slave trance they have us in they would freak out. This how the world stays under control. You guys are fighting over useless shit. Wake the fuck up and realize this is the government. Because while your to busy worrying about blacks, whites, gays, trans, bathrooms. The government is planing something way bigger ad when those bombs drop over your head your going to wish you didn’t spend your life worrying about little shit. Wake the fuck up and realize this what the government wants. The last thing they want is to see us all getting along the last thing they want to see is racism gone, acceptance for everyone. The last thing they want to see is everyone waking up. SO WAKE THE FUCK UP AND LOOK AT THIS WORLD! THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT….IT DID THIS TO US…

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