1st Entry

This is my first journal entry in a while I keep wanting to make it a habit but between life and work somehow it just never stuck, but I relies if something is important to you you have to make it a priority and do it. Besides like Jim Rohn a life worth living is worth recording. So I have decided no matter how tired I am or how little I think I have to say I am going to sit down and wright for at least 15 min ever day. I am new to the whole online Journal thing I am not sure if I like it or not yet. Their is something about just sitting and putting pen to paper but I decided to give it a try because the Journals I have kept in the past ended getting used for other things and or lost. I also like the how you can choose to make your entries public or private. I also have alot on my mind and I think journaling is way of kind of sorting through your thoughts and maybe giving you a look at how and what your thinking process is like and at the same time express yourself as well as sharpen your writing skills. So a few facts about me I am 32 years old and not exactly were I want to be in my life, but I am taking great strides to make progress and am getting back on track. I fell into some problems with drug addiction and really managed to set myself back. However I consider myself very lucky that with the help of family and friends who never gave up on me and God that I am sober today something I never felt possible, I also have never been in legal trouble and didn’t have it as hard as others I knew, some who didn’t make out alive. It is such a weird feeling to shake hands with somebody one day and then the next their just gone. I am also thankful that I finally found a career path that I want to go for. I envy those people in high school who always knew what they wanted to be and worked hard and went right on to college. That was not me I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do until it was to late a Journalist, but it is a job I can do and make a decent living at, and be able to help my family it feels nice to have a vision and goal to work towards something I didn’t exactly have when I was using. I am not saying I don’t struggle with insecurities or feelings of inadequacy but I am trying to focus on working a little at a time toward how I want my life to be and enjoying the ride along the way. I love music, books, and movies, and writing even though I always hate what I right. Well that is all for tonight I have to go bed and still have a few things to do before I can. So here is the 1st of what I attend to be many more entries.

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