[204] ~*Fri – 02/23/18*~

[9:22 pm]

Yup, I’m back to hating myself. I went to the Casino after work and got $10 for my friend’s free money. Blah! She had another $5 so I played that and lost in no time. I wasn’t happy so I took mom’s $15 and played that as well. It was going well, I had been playing on this machine for like half an hour so I was pleased. I could of made $30 but of course, I decided to keep playing. I was ready to leave when I was out of free money but NO, the machine had to give me a line of wilds on my last darn spin. The wilds stays for four spins so that said, if I would of left it there, the next person to play would of had it. I decided to put $20 of my own money just to play the wilds but of course, I lost my damn money. Arg! I was so damn pissed at myself. On top of that, the guy on one side of me took out like $350 and the one on the other side $700. Blah! My machine didn’t even give me the darn free spins. Where did all my luck go?! So yea, I don’t even know if I’ll be going for my friend’s free money tomorrow cause I’m just too pissed off at myself for spending that $20. If I do go tomorrow, I’m leaving my purse in the car so I won’t be able to play my own money.

Beside that, I ended up going to sleep at like 3 am last night. I just had to finish my book. I didn’t sleep all that well cause the kids were in bed with me. I’m not letting them in tonight. I woke up at noon and was getting ready for work when I got a call saying my client had cancelled. I was so tempted to go back to bed for an extra hour but decided to stay up and eat. 

When I left for work which was around 1:30 pm, hub was still up and playing his game. I have no idea when he went to bed but when I got home I was so sure he’d still be in bed and wouldn’t of went in for his extra hours. He is surprising me so much. He was gone, had cleaned the suggies kitchen and brought lunch with him. I feel so awful for doing so bad when he’s been doing so good. I’m so proud of him!

Someone from the association responded today and is asking me to call them so we can discuss my situation. I was hoping for some answers by email but I guess it’s a lot to write about so I will be calling them on Tue. The girl at the office also isn’t back, something happened and her return was delayed so that said, I have no idea when they are gonna work on my schedule. Bleh!

That’s pretty much it. Time to eat, watch a show and head to bed.




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