About me

Hi, everybody! My name is Sean Diaz, and I live in Henderson, Nevada.

I love to take care of my house and stuff by myself. This is something I do every weekend since I’ve owned my house. When I repair or design my home-stuff or create something special for my friends and relatives I try to do my best.

Thus, I use many top-quality professional tools in my home workshop, and I know a lot about instruments, especially drilling bits for almost any practical use. Therefore I use this blog to help inexperienced beginners to make the right choice in tools and techniques they use.

This blog is also an opportunity to share experience and interesting projects among professionals or experienced enthusiasts and amateurs like me. Join in, I’ll be glad to hear of you!

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  1. Good to have you here Sean. I must admit, I have never seen a journal with this kind of dialog. Looking forward to more entries. Maybe I will learn something.

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