Well last night he pushed me away and said he was too tired for sex.  There’s no affection left.  He said he didn’t have the sex drive when just a few days ago he told me any guy would be stupid to complain about having a woman with a high sex drive.  I’ve lost him.  Tonight I’m going to ask him to leave.  I’m not sensing the bitch in his life any more.  He claimed he was too tired after a 10 hour day on a roofing job.  He was dirty like he had been at work so he was there at least that long.  I’m not sensing anyone else that he  could be messing around with.  I’m still so hurt and scared.  I don’t want to be alone.  I want the affection back but I can’t have it back from Ian or anyone else.  I’ve implied that after we get moved he’s never going to see me again.  I told him last night I knew he was tired of me and after next week he’d never see me again.  I just don’t feel like I can go on any more.  I’ve got to make sure Ian takes Murray.  Murray loves Ian and I know Ian loves him.  I’ve never seen Murray take to anyone like he has Ian.

Did find out it kinda made him a little jealous when I went to meet a friend in a short short dress.  I’m empathic and can’t sense the bitch any more.  I think he must have gotten tired of her shit and putting pressure on him to come to her.

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