Boy have I got him off his game tonight.  Every time he tries to touch me  I duck away.  Kiss me, duck away.  Hug me, duck away.  He’s starting to look awfully miserable.  I’m getting those “what’s wrong”  looks.  I’m having to file a police report on a guy off of AFF that’s harassing me on the phone.  Didn’t tell him the AFF part. Just the harassment part.  He tried to give me a hand squeeze for that, guess what, ducked away.  Hopefully by morning I’ll have him on the ropes again but guess what…..I’m not backing down.  He is absolutely SOL (shit out of luck).  This is gonna get good.  Either he’s going to straighten up or get booted out.  Although I’m getting the silent treatment.  I’ve had enough of his bullshit and he’s fixing to learn the hard way not to mess with a redhead.  Buddy, you picked the wrong battle !!!  I’ll let ya know more in the morning. 

He seemed thrown off his game but it looks like the joke may be on me.  Now, I’m the one getting the serious cold shoulder.

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