Woke up again today which automatically made it a good day. The weather has been shit, keeping me trapped inside and making me feel crazier. I don’t mind being alone, really I don’t, but sometimes….sometimes, it would be really nice to get the hell out of this house; out of the yard..it would be nice to spend a day out and about doing things other than food shopping. It’s taking everything in my power to keep my resentment and frustration locked away deep inside. 

I fear one day it will all just bubble to the surface and cause a whole nother world of shit.

Aside from that…had another bizzare dream last night…..

I was at some woman’s house and for whatever reason, I REALLY wanted to steal her toothbrush.  Apparently just, yanno..sticking it in my purse or something, I felt the best way to pull off the heist would be to cause a huge distraction. 

I asked to use her bathroom. While in there I plugged the tub then turned on the water. Before leaving the bathroom I grabbed the prized toothbrush and quickly tucked it away in the back pocket of my jeans. 

The next thing I remember is the woman chasing me through her house ( in waist deep water ) while waving a faucet wildly at me and screaming at the top of her lungs that she would one day find out where I live and when she did, she was going to shave my cheese.

I escaped the house and as I ran down the street, I reached for the toothbrush in my back pocket….

The toothbrush was gone….

The only thing in that pocket was a lemon peel.


The BF tells me almost every single day that I am crazy…..maybe he’s right.

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