I’ve been transported back in time 
something familiar 
yet also bizarre 
the same old Twilight Zone 
with the same old Culture of Silence 

Oh, what a pain 
Here we go again 
The same old policy still reigns 
opening mouths, typing fingers 
loud voices, empty messages 

Nothing, nothing, nothing… 

Am I still one of them? 
I have no say, because they don’t give a damn 
My voice is always cut off with reprimands 
“Just follow The Culture of Silence” 
That’s always been their best defense 

“Sssh…it’s only in your mind,” 
they always say. 
“Everything’s fine.” 
Or: “What’s your problem? 
Why won’t you just shut up and listen?” 

Nothing, nothing, nothing… 

This Culture of Silence 
builds nothing but walls 
of blissful ignorance 
You may try to climb 
and up you crawl 
but you just don’t get the chance 
because some of them use the digits of their age 

or the colour of their skin

or the God they choose to believe in
just to make you feel small 

Let’s try not to take it personal 
In their eyes, you’re nothing but trouble 
so abnormal 
They just want to act like nothing happens 
What are you trying to dampen? 

Nothing, nothing, NOTHING!!! 

because there’s no point in trying 
They’re so caught up in make-believe 
that silence will get the problems to leave 
a picture-perfect Twilight Zone 
where The Great Pretenders may never be dethroned 

I’ve always been that element 
treated more like a poison 
or a red rose’s thorn 
With them, I can never win 
I suppose I no longer fit in 

Why am I still here? 
Will they be happier if I disappear? 
They might complain one day 
that we don’t talk anymore 
but I remember the last time we did 
and I wonder: “What for?” 



(Recited at Unmasked Poetry – Imlekan, February 17, 2018 at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. The event started at 3:00 and finished at 5:00 pm)

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