Entry #10 – The Quiet Life

Yo ^-^ it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’d chalk it up to a mixture of my ADHD and a general lack of anything remotely interesting to write about. I’m not even sure I have one for today, to be completely honest.

I just thought I’d give an update or something just for kicks. Let’s see…

Not much has changed, honestly. My life lately has been pretty quiet. Due to circumstances, I’ve been forced to stay with my dad for god-knows how long at this point. If we haven’t passed a year, then we’re definitely approaching it.

As the one child in my family who doesn’t get along with my father, you can imagine things have gotten shaky at times. Like the time my laptop broke and he hung the potential to get a new, better one over my head for the good part of a couple of weeks to get me to do things for him. Then there was the time we argued in the middle of a Walmart (sorry workers XI), or what’s happened recently.

He took my siblings and I to see the new Black Panther movie recently, which sounds nice and all, except for the fact that it was against our will. He even asked us if we wanted to go, we said no, but he got the tickets regardless. Not that I wasn’t willing to for what he pulled, but continuing to resist at that point would only be wasting his money. Money that he’s apparently tight enough as it is (and yet he moved us into a more expensive house last year).

You all heard about that Florida high school shooting that happened a while ago, right? Well I am deathly afraid of any kind of shooting, be it school, movie, or whatever. My heart was pounding for the first twenty minutes of the movie, and I kept glancing at the door (that was right next to me) the entire time, praying that nothing would happen. Luckily (and quite obviously, considering the likelihood) nothing happened, and I actually found that I enjoyed the movie. Doesn’t change the fact that I would still have liked to have been able to choose whether or not I wanted to go, and even then I would have still said no.

I liked Black Panther (Killmonger oml <3) but I ‘d still choose DVD over theater any day of the week. A DVD could never give me that sense of fear like being in that theater did.

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