Pretty usual Day!

Get up grumpy, fight the anxiety and negative feelings all day and just Feel happy that you survived another day.

I have been having really bad dry cough for last 3 days. Today it got worse. Mom seemed worried the way I was grasping for air while I coughed. But I know it’s nothing to worry about. 5th month of quitting smoking cold turkey! My body is detoxicating and coming back to its natural state I guess. The path of recovery is always hard. My body is healing. May be my soul too! I feel so many things all day, sometimes I think im crazy. Its tough. If I’m going through all of this right now, there may be something great spared for me in the future!

Dad gave me some pretty good advice today. He wants me to settle down with the divorce as soon as I can and not to expect any alimony from my ex husband because it’s going to disappoint me. Dad wants me to start a business or start some new career soon. I’m a little scared. I don’t think I have that confidence in me. It’s going to be hard to start over from the scratch but Im going to atleast try.

Shreyu, was really happy to get home from school. He had something to show me and was very excited. It was a paper butterfly he learned to make at school. Loved it a lot. It had glittery wings. I love how I get to see my little boy’s character emerging¬†out everyday. He is such a sweet and kind little man. 💗

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