[205] ~*Sat – 02/24/18*~

[10:34 pm]

What a weird movie! I’m not even sure how I feel about this movie. We went to see Annihilation which was just weird. I did enjoy the movie but yea.. don’t know what to say.

Anyways, I went out with my first client and of course I had some time in between as I was only seeing my second one at 5:30 pm so I went to bed for a nap. I had about two hours and a half to sleep but I spent most of the first one coughing. I kept telling myself that if I was gonna keep coughing I’d get up cause I didn’t want to disrupt hub’s sleep. I still stayed in bed cause I just wanted to sleep and hub seemed to have fallen asleep even if I was coughing. A bit of mucus was coming out with my coughing so that was good but my throat is still so full right now. It just doesn’t want to leave me. I’m currently taking Mucinex to see if that will do anything cause I didn’t have time to go see a doc. I will try that for a week in hopes that it will work, if not I’ll have to see a doc.

I could of technically slept more but I wanted to go to the Casino before my second client as I was going to be out with him late so I didn’t wanted to have to go to the Casino after work. I got $15 and of course, made nothing. Blah! I did good thought, I left my purse in the car so I couldn’t spend any of my own money. Once I was done there I still had about an hour to wait for my client to be done work so I parked and read.

I’ve talked to my friend and she had good news. She’ll be able to pay off her Rogers bill on Mon. Apparently she won $200 on Chase The Ace so she will be putting that money on her bill. I’m so happy for her and hope she really does put all the money on it so then she will be up to date and will be able to start fresh.

Well, I should prob get to watching my show if I want to do that before bed. I was meant to take a shower and wash my hair tonight but that will have to wait tomorrow night cause it’s way too late to be doing so tonight. I know I will regret it tomorrow cause my hair will feel very yucky but I’ll have to suck it up.




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